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Wood pellets burning in the new Wood Pellet Burner

Now, you can burn wood pellets in your existing wood stove or wood-burning fireplace!
From $ 130 plus S & H

Stoves | Fireplaces

    • No more cutting logs or splitting wood

    • No more buying unknown firewood

    • No more messy or dirty or wet wood in your home

    • No kindling required

    • No starting difficulties

    • Sit back and enjoy



Leave your fireplace screen or glass doors as they are.  Simply lift out the log grate and set the Wood Pellet Burner in the center of the fireplace floor.

In wood stoves, the Wood Pellet Burner sits on the firebox floor.

Burn less than a dollar of pellets each hour.  Heavy gauge steel plate construction affords better controlled uniform burning than wood pellet basket type devices.  Enhanced patent-based design.

Widths of 10, 14, 18 and 22 inches are standard to fit most applications.

No assembly required. No moving parts to wear out. No electricity involved.

Made in North America since 2005. Shipping around the globe.
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